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MK Business Association

Promotional Business Services

to Start or Grow Your Business

Starting a new business? Need to market your existing business? MK Business Association, Inc. can help.


We are a boutique agency with limited clientele to provide highly personalized service. We take the time to learn about your business and marketing goals, then help you launch and/or grow your business with proven multi-channel marketing methods.


MK Business Association, Inc. will provide promotional business services,

such as:

  • Develop a website to advertise your business

  • Develop a presence on Social Media: such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (if applicable). All account rights will be owned, and managed by you. We will train you or your designated staff member on how to maintain your system.

  • Assisting the client in local networking events over a period of 60 days.

  • Assist the client in hosting a morning coffee and/or evening networking event mixer to bring notoriety to the business.

  • MK Business Association will contact the local chamber of commerce, notify them of your local business and advise you on the benefits of joining (your option).

  • Announce your business to the local city hall and make the introduction.

  • Contact the local newspaper and submit a story (drafted by the client) about your business, how you started the business and any unique characteristics or details about your business.

  • Provide business card and stationary design.

Business Woman Smiling

“We must skillfully and intellectually prepare ourselves to live in a society that oftentimes denounces our ability to succeed. We must reach out and grasp our visions of success with an assurance and a claim that it is ours. We should pursue excellence in our life’s work as if your very lives depended on it. And, we must strive, and continue to strive until our dreams are no longer dreams, but a part of our reality.


We begin with ourselves-discovering  and assessing our potential, as well as our limitations. We must improve our personal standards and develop self-confidence and an internal security that no one can take away.


Relying simply on our beliefs and principles we become an armor of strength in our pursuit for success.”


~ Mary Kennedy

Contact Mary directly at 209-740-6503 or

email a request for a meeting at

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