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About Mary



2011 California Woman of the Year


Motivational and Inspirational Speaker

Former Champion Toastmaster


International Speaker

Inducted into the Library of Congress


Keynote Speaker


Leadership Coach






I'm Mary Kennedy-Bracken, an entrepreneur in a world filled with opportunity to make a difference and improve the lives of future generations. Just to name a few world changers, Bill Gates developed Microsoft, Steve Jobs created Apple, and Jeff Bezos established Amazon, itemsand services that we all utilize. What is your invention, and are you the next? Remember that it is not handed to us; we must actively pursue it. We must have self-confidence and a clear vision. I am the founder of a nonprofit organization. My organization’s name is TYPP, which stands for Turn Your Passion into Profit. We assist aspiring entrepreneurs who are exploring opportunities to strive for excellence.

This is where I started...

We take their vision or dream, assist them in formulating a plan, and guide them through the processes that bring their efforts to fruition. We invite you to join us and allow us to assist you in Turning Your Passion into Profit. Our Mission:To empower passionate entrepreneurs to fulfil their vision and purpose through education, development, and resources; partnering to maximize impact and profit in the communities they serve.Contact Mary Kennedy-Bracken or and staff at (209)730-0026.


Mary is also the CEO of TYPP(Turn Your Passion into Profit), a Speaking Institution that was founded on the concept and belief that expressing oneself through effective communications an essential skill needed in this global society. And has since evolved into the second phase of TYPP, as an Entrepreneur support system to help entrepreneur’s turn their passion into a profitable business. As a former producer and talk show host of TYPP (Turn Your Passion into Profit), she was afforded the opportunity to discuss an array of hot button topics evolving around public speaking and public affairs.


Her professional affiliations include board memberships in such organizations as: the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, Tracy. African American Association, Stockton Branch of the NAACP and San Joaquin Council of Government. Mary Kennedy had been label as the “Energizer Bunny” by Senator Lois Wolk and” Unstoppable” By Motivational Speaker Les Brown. In 2015 Mary Kennedy incorporated MK Business Association, Inc a consultant business after retiring from the Lathrop District Chamber of Commerce. In 2016 Mary Kennedy Authored a phenomenal thought-provoking Book titled: "You Will See God Miracles IF You Only Believe." Mary Kennedy advocates for the improvement of ALL PEOPLE through positive change. Mary believes that the majority of people can achieve their goals if they believe in themselves

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